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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

International honeymoon locations

Of the major events in a person’s life the marriage of a person is a very vital part of the life that can be called a transit point from the bachelor to a married life. So honeymoon can be called as a stepping stone into a completely new life where you plan to spend the rest of your life with your beloved life partner and hence a choice of the honeymoon destination is very important so let us give you some of the rated honeymoon destinations of the world as here under.

Venice, Italy: regarded as the most romantic place on the face of the earth this place is truly a paradise. As it’s said that Rome was not built in a day it’s rightly said; the streets and the palaces have a too much of history to tell. The food is really gourmet stuff with the pizzas, the cheese to the whole world. So Italy is just the perfect place to be.

Bali, Indonesia: the first thing that comes to the mind when it comes to the mind when we thing of Indonesia is the island of Bali and we are also reminded of the Balinese dancer. Full of the white sands and the swaying palms and full of the beach sports like snorkelling, Para-Sailing, surfing etc.

Verbier, Switzerland: if the old palaces and the beaches din not interest you then here is a place you would be interested in; the Verbier Switzerland. The plenty of the skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc are plenty in this paradise. It is located in the midst of the Swiss Alps.

Paris, France: yes it’s fondly called the city of love and this place has its own charm that is totally different form all other places. The classy restaurants, the famous architectural marvels, late night parties, etc. It’s totally a happening place to make your honeymoon really memorable.for more visit:


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